Life With An Autoimmune Disease

Life With An Autoimmune Disease

Every single day is different. One day you'll wake up and your symptoms may be a little better than the previous day. And the next they'll be worse. 

You never really get over it. The whole "grief isn't linear" phrase is 100 percent accurate when it comes to autoimmune diseases. You may accept your "new normal" and you may learn how to optimize your life to deal with your disease or chronic issues. But then one day randomly, you'll find yourself back in the middle of that grief. Maybe you're finding you're not able to do something you could a year ago. Or maybe you're just completely fatigued and can't make dinner for yourself and you find yourself feeling bad about that. 

Whatever it is — you've found your safe space with DinkWear. DinkWear was founded by two women with autoimmune diseases. We get it. We experience it daily. And yet, here we are, trying to create a space where you can feel supported, and celebrate the sport of pickleball for its physical and mental health benefits. 

 We hope DinkWear can be a source of joy, inspiration, and hope for you.

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