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  • Women & Family Owned

    Established in 2023 by a mother-daughter team, our primary objective is to expand the pickleball community while simultaneously combating chronic illness by harnessing the therapeutic benefits of the sport.

  • Advocacy And Awareness

    We actively advocate for chronic illness awareness and research funding through our brand's initiatives, events, and partnerships. By choosing DinkWear, you're supporting a brand dedicated to making a meaningful impact beyond the court.

  • Inclusive Community

    We foster a welcoming and inclusive pickleball community where individuals facing chronic illnesses find not just a sport, but a support system. Our community understands and supports each other, providing a network of encouragement and understanding.

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In My Pickleball Era embroidered in blue across the chest of a light blue cropped hoodie. On left sleeve is embroidered: I need pickleball like a heartbeat.

Crop Hoodies

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Elevate Your Pickleball Style

DinkWear is a hint of retro charm, a touch of hipster coolness, a relaxed and laid-back vibe, an abundance of flair, and never fails to make a bold statement.

Why Dinkwear Apparel

DinkWear isn't just a clothing brand; it represents a lifestyle. We stand as the ultimate choice for pickleball aficionados in pursuit of top-notch, fashion-forward apparel that seamlessly merges performance and style.

Our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in the realm of pickleball fashion guarantees that you not only exude style, but also harness the therapeutic benefits of the sport to combat chronic illness and perform your best on the court.